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MU 2007

Course Co-ordinator: Dr F Jurgensen

Pre-requisite(s): MU 1551 or equivalent OR by audition.

Note(s): This course is taught across the whole session from week 12 to 44.

Students study one instrument/voice on an individual basis with specialist visiting tutors, or they may elect to split the tuition between two instruments/voice. In addition, they participate in an ensemble offered by the Department of Music.

Normally 20 hours of individual instrumental or vocal lessons, plus attendance at all rehearsals and concerts for the nominated ensemble.

1st Attempt: Recital of 15 minutes' duration. Where students are studying more than one instrument/voice, they will be weighted in the proportion (80%) (main instrument) and (20%) (second instrument) for purposes of assessment; the recital should reflect this proportion.
Essay of 2,000 words on an aspect of performance (Pass/Fail). Exemption may be granted for students with exemplary attendance at the designated ensemble.

Resit: Students resit the failed assessment(s).