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MU 1055 / MU 1555

Course Co-ordinator: Mrs C McDonald

Pre-requisite(s): Entry to BEd programme or other applicable year 1 programme.

The course will focus on the Kodaly concept of music education and will cover the following areas:

use of music as a starting point for musical development through the use of age and stage appropriate singing games and rhymes
introduction of music notation using the tools of rhythm names and solfa
use of Kodaly tools in a variety of music contexts, eg composition and instrumental work
how to choose an appropriate repertoire across all primary stages
use of music as a cross-curricular tool with reference to Curriculum for Excellence

1 two-hour session per week.

1st Attempt: Suite of lesson / session plans over a range of ages, 3-6, 6-8, 8-11 - 2,000 words (50%); folio of songs and rhymes with accompanying analysis - 1,000 words (50%).

Resit: Students will only be required to resubmit the failed component of the assessment.