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MS 4032

Course Co-ordinator: Dr N Mauthner

Pre-requisite(s): Available only to students in Programme Year 4.

Note(s): Compulsory for Single Honours Management, and Accountancy and for students proceeding to a Management, Sports & Leisure Management or Accountancy Dissertation. Option for all level 4 students in the Business School.

This course provides an introduction to research methodology including topics such as; history of research in business; philosophical, ontological and epistemological approaches; study design and writing research proposals/plans; conducting a literature review; critical appraisal of research literature; qualitative and quantitative methods of business research; case study strategies; ethics; gaining access; data analysis techniques; presenting research plans; using research in business; learning organisations; and action research.

1 two-hour lecture per week (for 12 weeks) and 1 two-hour workshop/tutorial per week (for 11 weeks).

1st Attempt: Extended essay (20%); Critical research of selected research papers and development of associated research plan (20%); examination (60%).