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MA 1007

Course Co-ordinator: Dr M Boyle

Pre-requisite(s): S or GCSE or equivalent in Mathematics. This course is not open to students with the equivalent of a Higher in Mathematics at grade B or above.

This is a basic course aimed primarily at helping students achieve greater accuracy, speed and confidence in mathematics. It is suitable both for those who may need mathematics in future study and for students who want to improve their abilities without any intention of studying the subject beyond first year. The course is taught using the interactive computer software CALMAT, enabling students to work in their own way and time but with immediate feedback. Support from staff is available on a daily basis. There is a requirement to attend a single weekly test for continuous assessment. The topics covered include basic arithmetic and algebraic operations, linear and quadratic equations, logarithms and the interpretation of graphs, and an introduction to the calculus.

1 one-hour lecture and 2 one-hour supervised computer classes per week.

1st Attempt: In-course assessment (100%) for students who perform sufficiently well in weekly computerised tests. Any student who fails to achieve by in-course assessment or who wishes to upgrade CAS mark obtained, can take the end of course computerised examination or its resit.

Resit: Computerised examination similar to 1st attempt examination.