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LS 4045 / LX 4045

Course Co-ordinator: Ms A-M Slater

Pre-requisite(s): Available only to Honours students in LLB and MA (Legal Studies) in Programme Year 3 or above. LS 1011 (Legal System and Method).

Note(s): This course is also available to candidates for the MA in Legal Studies as a 30 credit point course (LX 4045). This variation of the course will require an additional element or assessment.

This course will consider the role of law in the organisation and management of rural Scotland. This is a seminar based course which offers a critical examination of specific topics relevant to the countryside including agricultural holdings, crafting, access to the countryside, community right to buy, nature conservation, national parks and rural planning. The course normally includes student presentations (non assessed) and a guest lecture.

1st Attempt: 1 two-hour introductory lecture, 1 two-hour seminar per fortnight, 1 three-hour examination (75%) and 1 essay (25%).