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LS 3007

Course Co-ordinator: Dr A Simpson

Pre-requisite(s): (1) Available only to LLB students in Programme Year 3 or above or graduates on the two year degree, except with the permission of the Head of School. (2) LS 1011.

The course involves a study of property law applied in the context of property acquisition in Scotland. The course will include a study of the forms of deeds, the responsibility of solicitors and the property acquisition process in Scotland. Following up on a study of applied property law students will examine aspects of title conditions, servitudes, leases and securities. A pass in Conveyancing LS 3007 is compulsory for gaining entry to the Diploma in Legal Practice, which is a pre-requisite for practising as a solicitor or advocate in Scotland. Students should also note that their mark in the first sitting of the degree exmination of this subject, together with the marks at first sitting in the other subjects which are compulsory for entry into the Diploma in Legal Practice, is the primary criterion for allocation of both Diploma places and the limited number of grants for the Diploma which are currently available.

Structure: Four lectures per week and Four tutorials during course.

1st Attempt: 1 two-hour examination (100%).

Resit: 1 two-hour examination (100%).