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LS 1522

Course Co-ordinator: Dr K Fullerton

Pre-requisite(s): None.

Co-requisite(s): None.

Note(s): Restricted to students of LLB and MA Legal Studies Degrees.

The course will cover: distinctive features of legal literature; key primary, secondary and tertiary UK legal information sources; search strategies for efficient and effective searching and updating of information; European legal information sources; use of electronic resources; appropriate search strategies and the relationship between paper and electronic sources; legal investigation process; critical evaluation of documentary materials and online resources; types of legal research and research methodologies; use of numerical/statistical data in legal argument; Ethical dimension to legal research; communication skills for lawyers; academic writing; use of authority; legal citation and referencing; oral presentation skills; group working and an introduction to clinical legal skills.

18 one-hour lectures and 5 two-hour workshops.

1st Attempt: Critical analysis exercise (25%); Group oral presentations (25%) (group); Research essay (50%). Requirement for submission of the completed Reflective logbook (0%).

If a student does not achieve a pass of 9 when all elements of assessment are taken into account, a resit attempt will be offered in respect of the elements not passed at first attempt.