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LS 1520

Course Co-ordinator: Mr S Styles

Pre-requisite(s): Foundations of Private Law.

Co-requisite(s): None.

The course provides students with a sound knowledge of the core principles of the law of contract (an essential element of any legal system without which commerce could not function) with particular reference to the Law of Scotland. The course will include a consideration of such issues as how contracts are formed, the incorporation of legal terms, the circumstances in which apparent contracts are rendered legally and void, the legal regulation of unfair terms, breach of contract and remedies for breach.

3 one-hour lectures per week and a total of 4 one-hour tutorials.

1st Attempt: One multiple-choice objective test (20%); 1 two-hour examination (80%). Note: In the event that a student misses the objective test for good cause, assessment will be by examination only.

Resit: One multiple-choice objective test (20%) carried forward from previous sitting (subject to the same good cause proviso noted above); 1 two-hour examination (80%).