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KL 305C/KL 355C/KL 405C/KL 455C

Course Co-ordinator: Dr Donald Paterson

Pre-requisite(s): 120 credits at level 2 of which 60 must come from Archaeology and/or Scottish Archaeology courses.

Co-requisite(s): None.

Note(s): Students completing the course at level 3 can not at a later date take the same course at a different level as part of a graduating curriculum. By agreement with Advisors of Study, KL 305B/KL 355B (Designing and Managing) together with KL 305C/KL 355C (Archaeological Resource Management) may be taken in place of AY 3007 (Advanced Archaeological Practice).

The course will consider why archaeological features might be conserved and interpreted. The values for society of sites within the wider heritage, beyond the evidence they may provide for past activities will be explored. An outline of legal and organisational frameworks will also be provided. Students will be expected to one self guided field visit to a museum or heritage centre in order to assess the relationship between interpretation and site.

6 Ninety minute seminar workshops fortnightly, plus directed learning.

For those taking the course at level 4, directed learning including three extra separate discussion tutorials relating to the review of individual projects where students will each make a presentation.

1st Attempt: 2 Assignments - one (1500/2000 words) based on a visit to an archaeological site/monument, the other (1200/1500 words) based on a museum visit (60%); 1 two hour written exam (40%).

The exam paper at level 4 will be more advanced than Level 3, requiring a more critical engagement with the course material.

Resit: Resit examination. The essay marks will be carried forward.