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KL 30N3 / KL 35N3 / KL 4019 / KL 4520

Course Co-ordinator: Dr L Clayton

Pre-requisite(s): None. Available to students at level 3 and 4 only. Students of non-DRS subjects are required to get permission from the course coordinator prior to admission.

Note(s): This course will run in 2012/13 as KL 30N3 / KL 4019.

Identity is a key study within the anthropology of religion, which looks to understand religious experience through its relationship to the self. This course will study various perceptions of the self and identity throughout a range of geographical contexts and use ethnographical material to illustrate a broad array of pertinent topics and challenges to the notion of the self. Students will be given the opportunity to study unique religious experiences such as spirit possession and rites of passage as well as theoretical approaches to this study from embodiment theory to negotiating multiple identities.

Workbook for self-study.
1 one and a half hour audio-conferenced tutorial per week.

1st Attempt: Level 3:
Continuous assessment (100%): one 3,500 word project (50%), one 2,500 word essay (40%) and 1 class presentation (using PowerPoint) (10%).

1st Attempt: Level 4:

Continuous assessment (100%) one 4,500 word project (50%), one 3,500 word essay (40%), and 1 class presentation (using PowerPoint) (10%).

Resit: Level 3:
Essay and project if all original work CAS 5 or below. If original essay or project CAS 6 or above mark carried forward for those essays. New essay questions will be provided.

Resit: Level 4:
No resit.