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KL 151R

Course Co-ordinator: Barbara Foad

Pre-requisite(s): Successful completion of Counselling Skills 1 or equivalent.

Co-requisite(s): None

The five elements of theory, skills practice, professional development, personal development, and self-assessment,integrate in this course. Person-centred theory will be studied in greater depth, focusing on the core conditions of empathy, acceptance and genuineness. Skills practice will develop accurate empathy and exploring the condition of acceptance as well as introducing structuring of the counselling context. Students will work in triads will be introduced to develop effective feedback skills. Professional development will develop further understanding of ethics, looking specifically at prejudice and its impact on unconditional positive regard. This issue will also be the focus of personal development work, and the learning log will promote self-awareness in counselling.

Twelve weekly seminars in addition to private study with learning support materials.

1st Attempt: In-course assessment: essay (25%); learning log (25%); oral assessment (50%) [divided between practice 25% and participation/attendance 25%].

Candidates should note that to achieve credit for the course overall, a pass in each element is required.

Attendance at 85% of the weekly seminars for each module of Counselling Skils 1-4 is a requirement of  COSCA  (Counselling and Psychotherapy in Scotland).

Resit: In course assessment: essay (25%).

Candidates should note that a  resit is not permitted of the other three elements of the course.

To achieve credit for the  course overall, a pass in each element is required.