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IR 4021 / IR 4521

Course Co-ordinator: Dr R Vij

Pre-requisite(s): None.

Note(s): This is a level 4 International Relations course. This course will be available in the second semester of 2012/13 as IR 4521.

This course introduces students to alternative ways of understanding Japan's central role in stabilizing global order at the beginning of the 21st century. Starting with a consideration of critical approaches to the production and representation of 'Japan' as an object of study within international relations, the course focuses on a theoretical and historical investigation of three sets of inter-related themes, modernity and capitalism, nationalism and the state, and culture and identity, by way of examining the deeper sources of Japan's changing role in global social life. The course material is inter-disciplinary; including readings from political science, economic history, anthropology, sociology, cultural, and film studies, and covers aspects of Japan's relations with North-America, Asia, the Middle-East, and Europe.

1 two-hour lecture and 1 one-hour tutorial every week.

1st Attempt: Research Paper 4,000 words (60%); Two book reviews, 1,000 words each (25%) of assessment; in-class presentation (15%).