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IR 4016 / IR 4516

Course Co-ordinator: Mr J Wyllie

Pre-requisite(s): Available to level 4 students only.

Note(s): This course will be available in the second semester of 2012/13 as IR 4516.

The course examines and explains the historical development, political characteristics and strategic complexities of the Arab-Israeli conflict, and assesses its significance for and impact upon stability and security throughout the Middle East and the wider international system. The topics considered include the current strategic situation, the origins of the conflict, wars since 1948, the PLO and Hamas, the 'Peace Process', US - Israeli relations, the EU and the dispute, the Egyptian and Jordanian 'Cold Peace', and the strategies of the 'rejectionist' states of Syria and Iran.

To be taught 'conference style', on a lecture and discussion basis, interspersed with 'team presentations', an 'in-class' essay, and occasional DVD material. There will be 1 two-hours and 1 one-hour classes each week for twelve weeks.

1st attempt: 1 three-hour examination (60%); one 'in-class 1,500 word approx. essay (20%); one 'team presentation' (20%).