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IR 3009 / IR 3509

Course Co-ordinator: Dr A Oelsner

Pre-requisite(s): Available to students in Programme Year 3 and above who have achieved 75 credit points from level 1 and 2 Politics & International Relations courses.

Note(s): This course will be available in the second half-session of 2012/13 as IR 3509.

This course explores the issue of conflict resolution and achievement of international peace in today's global world. The course analyses the implications and consequences of the three major types of contemporary international conflict-namely interstate, civil, and state-formation conflicts-for durable peace agreements. The course also discuss the role of international institutions and regional contexts in the peaceful resolution of disputes.

1 one-hour lecture and 1 two-hour seminar per week.

1st Attempt: 1 three-hour examination (60%) and in-course assessment (40%) (one 3,000 word essay [30%], one peer and self assessment exercise [10%]).

Resit: Examination (60%); in-course grades will be carried forward.