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IM 3502

Course Co-ordinator: Dr I Crane and Dr H Wilson

Pre-requisite(s): BI 25M7

Co-requisite(s): IM 3501

The course investigates how the various mechanisms of innate and adaptive immunity interact to protect against human disease and how immune dysfunction may cause disease. Immune responses to pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites): immuno-suppressive drugs, organ transplantation; immunobiology of cancer; immunological tolerance and autoimmunity; clinical immunology and immunodeficiency disorders are covered. Practical classes reinforce this knowledge as well as teaching immunological and generic laboratory techniques and a range of transferable skills.

3 one hour lectures or tutorials and 1 five hour practical class per week.

1st Attempt: 1 one and a half hour written examination (60%) and in-course assessment (40%).
Continuous assessment comprises: 2 laboratory reports, 1 essay, 1 poster presentation.

Resit: 1 one and a half hour written examination (60%) and previous continuous assessment (40%).