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HI 303W / HI 353W

Course Co-ordinator: Dr J Armstrong

Pre-requisite(s): Available only to students in Programme Year 3 or above.

Note(s): This module is available to students on all non-History degree programmes as a Discipline Breadth course for the enhanced study requirement. However, the admission of students with a non-History degree intention will be at the discretion of the School of Divinity, History, and Philosophy.

This course will be available in 2012/13 as HI 303W.

This course examines Scotland in the last two centuries of its dynastic independence. Organised chronologically, it will address the rule of the realm under the Stewart dynasty. Kingship, nobility and the exercise of power on the national, regional and local levels will form major themes of this course. It will also examine regicide, regency, and resistance to authority, the relationship between crown, church and nobility, and the development of governmental institutions and offices. Attention will also be given to exploring social and political change, especially with regard to landowners and other power-holders.

1 one-hour lecture, 1 two-hour seminar per week.

1st Attempt: 1 three-hour examination (50%); continuous assessment (50%), consisting of:

Resit: 1 three-hour examination (100%).