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HI 303M / HI 353M

Course Co-ordinator: Dr C Dartmann

Pre-requisite(s): Available only to students in Programme Year 3 or above.

Note(s): This module is available to students on all non-History degree programmes as a Discipline Breadth course for the enhanced study requirement. However, the admission of students with a non-History degree intention will be at the discretion of the School of Divinity, History, and Philosophy.

This course may not be included in a graduating curriculum with HI 304C / HI 354C (The Third Reich). Students are not permitted to register for this course after the end of week 2 of teaching. This course will not be available in 2012/13.

This history of the Holocaust will be studied through a detailed analysis of contemporary sources, as well as of the major debates and analyses since 1945. Specific emphasis will be placed on the historiographical development of the subject.

1 two-hour and 1 one-hour seminar per week (time to be arranged).

1st Attempt: Continuous assessment; summative assessment (100%): first attempt essay ca. 4,500 words (60%), annotated bibliography, 10 items (20%); class presentation (10%); handout based on presentation (10%).

Resit: Continuous assessment (100%): Essay ca. 4,500 words (60%); annotated bibliography 10 items (20%); book review ca. 1,000 words (20%).