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HE 4008

Course Co-ordinator: Dr F Marshall

Pre-requisite(s): HE 1003, HE 2502, HE 3010, HE 3016, HE 3019, HE 3508, HE 3514

Metabolic pathways; endocrinology; digestion & absorption; immunology; food analyses; dietary assessment methodology; energy requirements and expenditure; details of dietary components; body composition and anthropometry; nutrition in pregnancy, lactation and infant feeding; diseases associated with poor nutrition.

This full time course is taught in lectures of various length, spread throughout the week. In addition, a number of practical sessions are carried out to develop skills in anthropometry, dietary assessment and anaysis of nutrient content of food. Total contact hours - 92 hours.

1st Attempt: Two, two hour exams (70% mark). Each exam represents 35% of the course mark, exam 1 is a series of short questions, exam 2 is an essay paper. Continuous assessment (30% mark):-
Assignment 1 - 2000 word essay.
Assignment 2 - Vitamin C report.
Assignment 3 - Weighed food intake report.
Assignment 4 - 2000 word essay.

Resit: Two, two hour exams (100% mark).