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HC 3002 / HC 3502

Course Co-ordinator: Professor S Mason

Pre-requisite(s): Open to all level-3 and level-4 students.

Note(s): This course is a companion to the new 'Graeco-Roman Environment of the New Testament'; they will be offered in alternate years.

This course is run on a cycle with HC 3011 / HC 3501 Graeco-Roman Environment of the New Testament, and will be available in 2013/14 and alternate years thereafter.

This course will not be available in 2012/13.

This course does not count for the purpose of History degree credits.

This course covers a pivotal period and region in Western history: Judaea and its regional context from ca. 200 BC. to AD. 200. It will include: an outline of political history (Ptolemaic, Seleucid, Hasmonean, Herodian, and Roman rule), the varied geography of Judaea and its immediate environs in southern Syria, the Judaean Diasporas (with issues of cultural identity), the extensive Jewish literature produced in the period (Philo, Josephus, Dead Sea Scrolls, wisdom literature, biblical exegesis, philosophy), institutions and groups (priesthood, temple, sacrificial cult, Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, Baptists, charismatic prophets and militants, synagogues), and the regional politics of Judaea, with special attention to Rome's attempts at administration and the eruptions of war.

1 two-hour seminar each week.

1st Attempt: 1 two-hour examination (60%). One essay of max. 2,500 words (40%).

The exam may be taken only if each and every item of coursework is submitted and assessed at CAS 6 or above.

Resit: 1 two-hour examination (100%).

The exam may be taken only if each and every item of coursework was submitted and assessed at CAS 6 or above.