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HA 3579

Course Co-ordinator: Professor J Geddes

Pre-requisite(s): Open to honours students in History of Art. Available as a level 3 option for the purposes of Enhanced Study to those with entry to cognate honours programmes. Cognate programmes consist of all honours programmes in the School of Divinity, History and Philosophy; MA English, MA English and Scottish Literature; MA FIlm and Visual Culture.

Note(s): This course will be available in 2012/13 as HA 3579.

After 2012/13 this course will be taught simultaneously to Level 3 and Level 4, with different assessments and learning outcomes.

The student is introduced to British Romanesque architecture in stages which culminate in the construction of Durham Cathedral, and lead on to several related buildings in England and Scotland. A great cathedral is examined in its entirety, looking at its fabric, sculpture , furnishings and patrons in order to demonstrate both how it was constructed and how it was used. The close artistic relations between England and Scotland in this period are explored. The fundamental iconography and meaning behind ground plans and style are explored. The historiography of Romanesque architecture is analysed.

1 or 2 two-hour seminars per week, with a total of 18 seminar teaching hours. Compulsory 2-day field trip to Durham and elsewhere, which will involve overnight cost for students, and may involve weekend travel.

Student performance on this course is assessed by written examination, slide test, essay and class contribution.

1st Attempt: 1 and a half-hour written examination (30%); 1 one-hour visual-based test (20%); class participation including presentation (10%); one 2,000 word essay (40%).

Resit: Examination (100%).

NB: All coursework must have been submitted.