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GM 1550

Course Co-ordinator: Dr S Lawrie

Pre-requisite(s): Normally SCE H in German or equivalent. Students will, however, be allocated to the appropriate level 1 German language course on the basis of a diagnostic test taken at the beginning of the academic year.

Note(s): May NOT be included as part of a graduating curriculum with GM 1554.

The course will develop receptive and productive language skills through weekly classes which will focus respectively on written language, aural language and oral language. In addition students will complete a structured programme of self learning. The course consists of lectures on aspects of German grammar as well as tutorials in which students practice their oral skils and tutorials in which students complete written German language work, which is supplemented by homework exercises.

1 one-hour lecture and 2 one-hour tutorials per week.

1st Attempt: In-course assessment assignment (20%); 1 two-hour examination (50%); oral continuous assessment (30%).

Resit: 1 two-hour written examination (100%).