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GG 3571

Course Co-ordinator: Dr L Philip and Dr N Spedding

Pre-requisite(s): Available only to candidates in Programme Year 3 registered for one of G&E's Honours programmes.

Note(s): This course may not be taken as part of a graduating curriculum with GG 3572 (15 credit version of the course intended for Joint Honours students).

9 x two-hour lectures; 2 x 2 hour workshops; optional field day.

1st Attempt: 100% coursework. Students complete four assignments all of which allow students to choose a topic; each counts for 25% of the overall mark:

(i) research contexts essay; (ii) 2 x short reports: data analysis and interpretation case study;
(iii) preliminary literature review / research planning exercise.

Resit: Resubmission of failed project work, with mark for those components to be capped at CAS 9.