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GG 3556

Course Co-ordinator: Dr D R Green

Pre-requisite(s): At least one of GG 2010, GG 2011, GG 2509 or GG 2510 or permission of course coordinator. This course is available only to students in Programme Year 3 or above.

This course will provide an introduction to the Geography of the Vine and Wine. It will include an examination of the historical aspects of geography and wine and the influence of climate and climate change, geology, and soils (terroir) on wine and viticulture (grape-growing). The impact of the wine industry on the cultural, historical, and environmental landscape will also be considered. Students will develop an appreciation for the environmental constraints of vine growing together with the geographical characteristics of wines and wine regions. A study will be made of the wine industry, from vine to vineyard. This will include vineyard management to bottling, marketing and distribution. Finally, the application of remote sensing, digital mapping, GPS and GIS to vineyard management will also be studied, specifically focusing on the impact of geographical data and analysis on precision viticulture in vineyard management. Case studies will be drawn from around the world to illustrate various aspects of the module.

10 x 2 hour lectures (weekly). GIS practical sessions will be arranged. Occasional guest speakers

1st Attempt: Coursework: 33% plus 2-hour exam: 67%.

Resit: Original coursework carried forward: 33% plus 2-hour exam: 67%.