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GG 3063

Course Co-ordinator: Dr N Spedding

Pre-requisite(s): Available only to joint programme candidates in Programme Year 3 who have passed GG 2508 and at least three from GG 2010, GG 2011, GG 2509, GG 2510.

Note(s): This course may not be taken as part of a graduating curriculum with GG 3031 or GG 3052.

The course is designed to introduce students to key debates, both past and present, on the nature and scope of academic geography. As such, it provides essential background for study of geography at an advanced level, irrespective of any intended specialisation. Wherever possible, parallels are drawn between the physical, environmental and human branches of the subject, although the reality (or otherwise) of geography as a single, coherent discipline is also put under scrutiny. Students are encouraged to take a critical stance towards the various claims made for and against the different types of geography, and the notion of geography as a 'contested enterprise' forms a major theme of the course.

1 two-hour lecture per week plus 1 two-hour skills session and 4 two-hour seminars.

1st Attempt: Coursework (67%): one seminar presentation (33%) plus one piece of written work (33%), plus one 1-hour examination (33%).).

Resit: Original coursework carried forward (67%) plus one 1-hour written examination (33%). Under exceptional circumstances, resubmission of failed coursework components, with mark for those components to be capped at CAS 9.