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GG 2508

Course Co-ordinator: Dr M Beecroft

Pre-requisite(s): Only available to students in Programme Year 2 registered for one of Geography and Environments degree programmes, or at least three from GG 2010, GG 2011, GG 2509 and GG 2510. Students who do not meet these criteria may be admitted to the course at the discretion of the course coordinator.

Note(s): This course involves an Easter field trip. Students are advised not to make arrangements for the vacation until details of the trips are confirmed. Please note the field course involves a student financial contribution.

The course introduces key research skills for the geosciences, both scientific and social scientific, and includes both lecture and practical components. Students will learn how to conduct investigations in their chosen field of study effectively and safely. Topics considered include concepts underpinning geosciences research, and basic methods of data gathering, analysis and presentation (such as questionnaire design, keeping of a field notebook, basic field skills, some statistical training, report writing). The core element of the course is a residential fieldtrip in the Easter vacation. This enables students to employ the skills and techniques learned in lectures and workgroup sessions to conduct original research into phenomena/issues covered elsewhere in the suite of Level 1 and 2 courses in Geography & Environment.

Lectures to introduce principles of research design, key techniques of data collection and analysis, supported by workgroup sessions for field trip preparation, plus the field trip itself.

1st Attempt: Coursework (100%): pre-trip presentation (20%), end-of-trip presentation (20%), 2,500 word report written up as a short research paper (60%).

Resit: Apply to course coordinator. In exceptional circumstances, students may be permitted to resubmit the field trip report.