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GG 2010

Course Co-ordinator: Dr D Mair

Pre-requisite(s): GG 1007 or GG 1509

The course focuses on understanding physical environmental processes and change. In particular three broad themes of hydrology, glaciology and palaeoecology will be explored to illustrate the linkages and interactions between process and form over a range of temporal and spatial scales. The three themes are team-taught by staff with a strong emphasis on using examples from their own research projects.

20 lectures (2 per week). Online practicals TBA

1st Attempt: For students who complete the two coursework exercises to a satisfactory standard: coursework (100%) these students will obtain exemption from the degree exam, and their coursework mark will provide the overall course CAS mark. For students who do not obtain exemption from the degree exam: coursework (50%) plus exam (50%).

Resit: Original coursework carried forward (50%), plus exam (50%).