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FR 4535

Course Co-ordinator: Dr G. Hesketh

Pre-requisite(s): Available only to students in Programme Year 4 with a knowledge of French.

Note(s): This course may NOT be included as part of a graduating curriculum with FR3535 (French Theatre A). It will be available in 2012/13 and in alternate sessions thereafter.

Students will initially participate in a series of discussions focused on central aspects of drama such as character, plot, showing vs. telling, audiences, etc. Thereafter, some classes will be devoted to the study of a series of representative dramatic works from various periods, either in print or on film, chosen for the light they throw on aspects of theatricality, while other classes will consist of seminars on more general topics. In addition, students will extend their understanding of the subject by means of independent research, setting the topics treated in their wider context and synthesizing material from a range of sources.

1 two-hour seminar per week.

1st Attempt: In-course assessment: two written assignments 2000 to 2400 words (50% each)