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FR 3041

Course Co-ordinator: Dr R Ravet

Pre-requisite(s): May be taken only by Junior Honours candidates in French (Single Honours).

Note(s): This course is run over the full session.

Language teaching falls into three broad areas all of which complement each other and contribute to the student?s overall command of the French language. One class taken by a native French speaker focuses on oral communicative skills; while another develops competence in the written language at a formal level and also concentrates on the practical applications of language, developing both written and spoken competence in a variety of different registers. The Junior and Senior Honours language courses form a continuum for which the final assessment is not made until the end of the Senior Honours year.

2 one-hour seminars per week.

1st Attempt: French Honours language examinations (100%). Any student who follows this course but decides not to proceed to Level 4 will be examined by in-course assessment: five language exercises equally weighted (100%).

See French Handbook for detailed explanation.

Resit: 1 two-hour written examination (75%) and 1 oral examination (25%).