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FR 2012

Course Co-ordinator: Dr R Ravet

Pre-requisite(s): FR 1518 / FR 1523.

Building on work done in FR 1518 / FR 1523, the course will develop further language skills, both receptive (aural comprehension capacity through tuition based on audio and video material; reading comprehension through analysis of written French and translation into English) and productive (composition and letter-writing; translation into French; oral language). Classes on grammatical and linguistic analysis will contribute to the development of both sets of skills. An additional grammar hour covers areas of grammar not covered in previous courses. In addition students will complete a structured self learning programme of aural study and grammatical reinforcement study.

1 weekly one-hour written language and grammar class; 1 weekly one-hour oral practice class; 1 fortnightly one-hour aural comprehension class; 1 fortnightly reading comprehension and composition class; 1 weekly additional grammar hour.

1st attempt: 1 two-hour written examination (75%) and 1 oral examination (25%). A satisfactory level of performance in coursework (average CAS of 12) covering a range of linguistic skills will exempt candidates from the examination.

Resit: 1 two-hour written examination (75%) and 1 oral examination (25%).