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EL 2803

Course Co-ordinator: TBA

Pre-requisite(s): EL 1514 or equivalent. This pre-requisite may be waived at the discretion of the Undergraduate Programme Convener.

Note(s): This is a six week course.

The course covers key aspects of articulatory phonetics and will introduce elementary phonological theory as it relates to the description of English. The latter will include accounts of simple phonological processes and the notion of derivational rule. Students will also acquire skills in the production and perception of sounds of English through a combination of lectures and practical activities (ear training, transcription practice, etc).

2 one-hour lectures per week, 1 one-hour tutorial per week, 1 online workshop per week.

1st Attempt: 1 two-hour written examination (50%), one assessed homework exercise (30%), and tutorial assessment mark (20%).

Resit: 1 two-hour written examination (100%).