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EG 4513

Course Co-ordinator: Mrs N Nikora

Pre-requisite(s): EG 3078

Co-requisite(s): None

Note(s): Available only to students following the MEng degree programme in year 4.

Every student is allocated an individual engineering project, which is supervised by a member of the academic staff from both institutions. The project will normally be in the student's area of professional interest. Projects are of wide variety: theoretical, computational, design, experimental, review and field work. In all cases aspects of project planning, written and oral communication are included.

No formal teaching. Students are expected to progress with the course by directed and self-directed study, self learning development, and interactions and exchanges with supervisors. Informal teaching is given via regular meetings/emails with supervisors from both institutions.

1st Attempt: in-course assessment: TContinuous assessment (100%). This comprises: thesis (70%); institution report from the host institution concerning the conduct of the project (15%) oral presentation (15%).

Resit: None.