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EG 3593

Course Co-ordinator: Dr C Sands

Pre-requisite(s): GL2512 and only available to students registered for BEng or MEng Petroleum programmes.

Co-requisite(s): Per Geology for engineers.

Below is an indicative outline of the course content:

(1) Reservoir Fluids Properties (8 hours)
Nomenclature and units. Reservoir, separator and surface conditions. Classification of reservoirs. PVT and phase behaviour of reservoir fluids. Physical and Chemical properties of Liquids and Gases. Hydrocarbon Reserve Estimation (calculation of hydrocarbon volumes, recovery factor, etc). Introduction to production mechanisms (primary and improved recovery).

(2) Reservoir Rock Properties (4 Hours)
Porosity. Permeability. Wettability. Saturation. Releative permeability.

(3) Flow in Porous Media (12 hours)
Diffusivity equation. Flow regimes. Linear flow and redial flow. Darcy's law. Flow of gases in porous media. Multi-phase flow.

The course consists of 24 hours lectures. 12 one-hour tutorials and 12 hours equivalent lab or field based practicals.

1st Attempt: 1 three-hour written examination (80%) and continuous assessment - report on field trips (20%).

Resit: Examination (100%).