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EG 3575

Course Co-ordinator: Dr E J Bain

Pre-requisite(s): EG 3019; EG 3020; EG 3078 / EG 3079

Note(s): Available only to candidates following an Honours degree programme in Engineering except with the permission of the Head of School.

Storage of liquefied gas; design, operation and safety. Heat transfer via radiation. Heat transfer to the gas phase. Quench cooling. Design/specification of compression trains. Design of condensers/evaporators. Plate heat exchangers. Design of distillation processes. PINCH technology. Introduction to process control. Heat transfer in agitated vessels.

27 one-hour lectures, 12 one-hour tutorials. Laboratory/site visits as available/required.

1st attempt: 1 three-hour examination (50%) and continuous assessment (50%).

Resit: 1 three-hour written examination.