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EG 3560

Course Co-ordinator: Dr D C Hendry

Pre-requisite(s): EG 2060 (CAS 9).

Note(s): Available only to candidates following an Honours degree programme in Engineering except with the permission of the Head of School.

The course commences with a discussion of design principles applicable to digital systems, including specification, structured hardware design and the use of computer-aided design. Combinational logic, including minimisation, and hazards, is studied. The design of synchronous and asynchronous sequential systems is examined. An introduction to VHDL is included. Coverage is sufficient to enable students to design simple combinational and sequential circuits and to use a synthesis tool. The testing of digital systems is considered. Students also carry out a design exercise using CAD facilities.

24 one-hour lectures, 6 one-hour tutorials, and 6 three-hour practicals in total.

1st Attempt: 1 three-hour written examination paper (80%) and in-course assessment (20%).