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EG 3557

Course Co-ordinator: Dr D Jovcic

Pre-requisite(s): EG 2559 (CAS 9).

Note(s): Available only to candidates following an Honours degree programme in Engineering except with the permission of the Head of School.

The course analyses the basic requirements for the generation, transmission and use of electrical energy. The per-unit notation system is introduced and its advantages in power systems highlighted. Basic approaches in the three phase and single phase AC systems analysis are introduced. Three-phase induction and synchronous machines are studied, in each case a simple equivalent circuit for the machine is derived and used to explore the operating limitations of each type of machine. Modern power conversion methods are discussed for conversion between AC and DC. This discussion includes, power electronics components used in conversion circuits and the basic topology of rectifiers, DC-DC converters and inverters. The advantages of switching conversion techniques over traditional circuits are highlighted.

24 one-hour lectures, 12 one-hour tutorials, and 6 three-hour practicals in total.

1st Attempt: 1 three-hour written examination paper (80%) and in-course assessment (20%).