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EG 3538

Course Co-ordinator: Dr E Pavlovskaia

Pre-requisite(s): EG 2559 or PX 2007

Note(s): Available only to candidates following an Honours degree programme in Engineering except with the permission of the Head of School.

This course commences with an overview of the dynamics of a particle and of general planar kinematics and dynamics proceeding to a review of the free and forced vibration responsse of a linear single degree of freedom system. An introduction to the vibration of systems with two or more degrees of freedom follows, including natural frequencies and mode shapes, principal co-ordinates and calculation of the forced response using the impedance method.

16 one-hour lectures over 8 weeks, 8 one-hour tutorials and 4 three-hour practicals (as part of a major design exercise shared with other Civil Engineering courses).

1st Attempt: 1 three-hour written examination paper (80%) and in-course assessment (20%).

Resit: 1 three-hour written examination paper (80%) with previous mark for in-course assessment standing.