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EG 3529

Course Co-ordinator: Dr P C Davidson


Co-requisite(s): EG 3516

Note(s): Available only to candidates following an Honours degree programme in Engineering except with the permission of the Head of School.

The course begins with concrete mix design and testing, and describes the material properties of hardened and fresh concrete. This is followed by an introduction to the principles of Limit State design. These principles are applied to the design of reinforced concrete beams in flexure and shear, as well as to axially and eccentrically loaded columns.
The remainder of the course considers design in structural steelwork, beginning with the material itself, and the types of products it can be found in. The design of steel elements and of the connections between them is a major theme of this part of the course. It concludes with the design of composite beams and slabs for use in steel buildings.

There is a substantial practical design exercise associated with this course. The design of a temporary steel frame office building has to be checked and recommendations made about remedial action. A brief final report is to be produced which will identify the remedial actions, outline remediation methods and appraise the risks associated with them.

24 one-hour lectures, 6 one-hour tutorials, and 6 three-hour practicals in total.

1st Attempt: 1 three-hour written examination paper (80%) and in-course assessment (20%).