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EG 3079

Course Co-ordinator: Dr H Sun

Pre-requisite(s): EG 2501

Note(s): Available only to students in programme year 3 of a BEng programme.

The major component of this course is an engineering design exercise under the supervision of a member of staff. That design will draw on elements of theory from courses currently being studied by the student. This is accompanied by lectures from practising engineers on professional aspects of engineering. Students are encouraged to attend local meetings of professional engineering societies and institutions.

Seven projects of practice/design from seven subjects undertaken within one week of concentrated study, together with some lectures throughout the half-session.

1st Attempt: In-course assessment (100%): Project Report 100%.

Re-sit: Students who No Paper to the assessment will not be given resubmission opportunity and will be required to re-register for this course or its equivalent at the next available opportunity. All other students should be referred to the course coordinator for resubmission.