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EG 2504

Course Co-ordinator: Dr F Verdicchio

Pre-requisite(s): EG 1008, EG 1501.

Co-requisite(s): None.

Note(s): A-level or Advanced Higher Physics are alternative pre-requisites.

The course content shall be the following:

  1. Review of digital electronics: comparison of digital and analogue systems.

  2. Sequential logic: synchronous logic; registers and shift registers. Examples of digital logic applications in an
    engineering context.

  3. Basic architecture of programmable systems; software versus hardware; Microcontrollers and embedded systems; Integrating components to form real-world systems. Computer Systems Software; High and low level languages; interpreters and compilers.

  4. Fundamentals of real-time systems; timers; serial interfacing; asynchronous serial I/O; characters, common formats
    (eg. GPS strings); parity; case study using ASCII I/O.

The course will consist of 30 one-hour lectures, 6 one-hour tutorials, and associated laboratory/design sessions. (Timetable to be arranged)

1st Attempt: One written examination of three-hours duration (80%), continuous assessment based on the tutorials and laboratory /design exercises (20%). A minimum of CAS 6 will be required in each of these components.

Resit: One written examination of three-hours duration (100%).