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EG 1010

Course Co-ordinator: Dr H Sun

Pre-requisite(s): None

1. Oral Presentation: Preparing oral presentation using different and appropriate formats; best practice in oral presentation; use Microsoft PowerPoint as an effective presentation tool; importing of data from other sources into MS PowerPoint.
2. Written Presentation: Devise and follow a standard format of report writing; style and structure of reports; use Microsoft (MS) Word and the facilities for correcting grammar and spelling; importing data from other sources into MS Word; use MS Excel spreadsheets for solving engineering problems and for producing graphs; use the library and the internet website as information resource for written and oral presentations.
3. Ethics, Environment and Personal Development: Introduce plagiarism, copyright and intellectual property, and different standard referencing styles; knowledge of all work is carried out within the confines of plagiarism and copyright laws; an exercise on Famous Engineer leading to a formal report essay for marking; review of engineering events with environmental issues, personal development planning, and CV writing.
4. Introduction to CAD: Standards for engineering drawings including what a 'standard' is and why it exists; interpreting engineering drawing; use of SolidWorks for 3D sketching and producing 3D objects and simple assemblies from a series of 3D objects; converting 3D drawings of objects and assemblies into first and third angle engineering drawings; enhancement of engineering drawings using sections and break outs.

19 one-hour lectures; 11 two-hour CAD practical sessions, 8 two-hour Workshop sessions for other parts of the course

1st Attempt: Continuous assessment (100%)

Resit: Students who 'No Paper' any element of assessment will not be given resubmission opportunity and will be required to re-register for this course or its equivalent at the next available opportunity. All other students should be referred to the course coordinator for resubmission.