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ED 3004

Course Co-ordinator: Jackie Stewart

Pre-requisite(s): Students require to have successfully completed all Year 1 and Year 2 compulsory courses, securing 210 credit points. PVG Scheme clearance. Adequate attendance and completion of campus based coursework in interconnected course 'Learning and Teaching: The Emerging Professional 1'

This course supports students' transition and development as teachers of young learners in the context of school and community. Through mixed mode patterns of situated learning, equivalent to fourteen weeks experience, students will have repeated opportunity to apply in schools the professional knowledge, understanding and skills introduced and developed in the interconnected course, 'Learning and Teaching: The Emerging Professional 1'. Supported by university and school mentors, students will take increasing responsibility for assessing, designing, implementing, evaluating and reviewing situated learning and teaching experiences for young learners within a range of discrete disciplinary contexts, (ie Mathematics), and interdisciplinary studies across the school curriculum, (ie Health and Well-Being, RME & Expressive Arts). Valuing themselves as growing professionals, students will take responsibility for professional learning and development, applying the cyclical self-evaluation process.

20 days, not necessarily continuous, practical engagement in school based projects across developmental stages (Nursery - Upper Primary)
Two blocks of five week immersion school of community experience in the context of nursery - early years (Nursery - Primary 3).

1st Attempt: Continuous assessment on evaluation of fieldwork a) observation of practice and discussion of underpinning principles. b) portfolio of evidence.

Resit: Repeat of failed element/elements.