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ED 1545

Course Co-ordinator: Graeme Nixon

Pre-requisite(s): ED1057 What Makes Us Human 1A

At the heart of this course are considerations of human agency and issues such as prejudicial thinking, reform and punishment. It is hoped that this course sensitises students to issues relating to the development of other humans and themselves.

2 one-hour lectures per week, Mon, Thur at 10
one 90 minute tutorial per week (to be arranged)

Lectures (2/week) and tutorials (1/week) will be supplemented by Tutor Directed Activities and online discussion.

In tutorials a Philosophy for learning approach will be used. Tutorials will involve group discussion of a stimulus relevant to the theme being discussed in a given week. This may be a text, video, artefact, music or image. Students will generate the issue for discussion. During the dialogue contributions are noted and certain regulations for philosophical discussion are adhered to.

1st Attempt: This involves 2,000 word essay (100%) which has the following specific requirements:
- Demonstrates understanding of issues surrounding free will and freedom
- Demonstrates the contribution of different influences in development of ideas (supported by a range of references to the course reader and academic texts)
- Makes reference to lectures and tutorials in discussion
- Offers reasoned conclusions about the reality of free will and how this may affect the treatment of children.

Resit: Resubmission of failed criteria of 2,000 word essay (100%).