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BM 3501

Course Co-ordinator: Dr D Scott

Pre-requisite(s): BI 20B2 and BI 25B2 (other relevant courses may also be considered by the course coordinator)

The course will cover the physiological and pharmacological aspects of the functioning of the mammalian heart and circulatory systems; the mechanisms of control and adaptation will be examined in detail. Practical work and demonstrations will be used to illustrate the experimental techniques which are utilised to derive knowledge of the functioning of the system. Students will also be given some instruction on intravenous fluids, the relevance of respiratory pharmacology and physiology, and the physiology of blood. In addition, the course will also provide more in-depth study of various types of cardiovascular pathophysiologies such as: diabetes, hypertension, myocardial infarction, angina, stroke and atherosclerosis. Students will also receive training in the ethical and health & safety aspects of blood sampling, recruitment of human subjects in research trials and how scientific discoveries are applied in clinical situations.

3 one hour lectures per week and 1 all day practical.

1st Attempt: 1 one and a half hour written examination (70%) and in-course assessment - (30%). Continuous assessment comprises: 1 laboratory report, 2 case studies.

Resit: 1 one and a half hour essay examination (70%) and previous continuous assessment (30%).