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BM 2509

Course Co-ordinator: Dr I Stewart

Pre-requisite(s): BM 2009

Co-requisite(s): BI 2506; BI 25M6; BI 25B2.

Note(s): This course is restricted to students on the degree of BSc Biomedical Sciences. The practical work required in this course may pose difficulties to students with some disabilities. If this arises alternative arrangements will be made. Any student wishing to discuss this further should contact the School Disability Co-ordinator.

The course is prosection based and thus consists of student led group work centred on prosections of a cadaver. Specific learning objectives are given for each practical. Other resources used are anatomical models. The course concentrates on the study of the reproductive and urinary systems (pelvis and perineum) and the nervous systems (head, neck and brain).

2 two-hour practical classes per week and 1½-hour tutorial/short talk per week.

1st Attempt: 1 two-hour written and practical examination (60%) and in-course assessment (40%). 4 in-course assessments, each worth 10% of final total. Each in-course assessment using questions in same style as those to be included in final exam and carried out under exam conditions.

Resit: 1 two-hour written and practical examination (100%).