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BI 25B2

Course Co-ordinator: Dr Alison Jack and Dr Steve Tucker

Pre-requisite(s): SM 1001, SM 1501

Co-requisite(s): None

This course will explore the following questions: How do the major body organs and systems work both alone and in communication with one another? How do we adapt to changing circumstances, control breathing as required, adjust to our nutritional needs, spawn new generations?
The course will then go on to investigate the physiology behind the way in which the heart supplies even the furthest extremities with nutrition and oxygen and how gases are extracted from the air we breathe by our lungs. The kidney (fluid balance), the digestive system (nutrition) and the reproductive systems will also be explained in detail. The course provides an overview of what goes on inside your body, and what happens when it goes wrong.

3 one hour lectures per week and 1 one hour problem solving class every 2 weeks, one mid-term examination and 3 three hour practicals throughout the course.

1st Attempt: 1 two-hour MCQ examination (70%) and in-course assessment (30%). Continuous assessment comprises: 3 laboratory reports and the mid-term examination.

Resit: 1 two-hour MCQ examination (70%) and previous continuous assessment (30%).