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BI 2013

Course Co-ordinator: Dr C Jones, Dr S Martin and Dr S Woodin

Pre-requisite(s): BI 1005 and BI 1509

Co-requisite(s): BI 2012

Over approximately 3.7 billion years, living organisms on the Earth have diversified and adapted to every possible environment. This course will introduce the clues used to reconstruct the evolutionary tree of life and examine the amazing diversity of life through time, focusing on major lineages of organisms from fungi, through plants to invertebrates.

Practicals will illustrate a wide range of organisms, address important biological principles and encourage development of basic scientific skills including experimental design, hypothesis testing and data analysis in the context of individual and group learning.

24 weeks - 1 three hour practical per fortnight.

1st Attempt: Practicals are assessed through reports produced for each class; nine practicals (70%) and a project (30%).

Resit: Resubmission of failed work.