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AY 3511

Course Co-ordinator: Dr R Knecht

Pre-requisite(s): None, although at least one Archaeology course at level 1 or 2 is recommended.

Note(s): This course may NOT be included in a graduating curriculum with AY 4511 or AY 3508 / AY 4508.

This course will be available in 2012/13, but will not be available in 2013/14.

The course will provide students with an overview of the ways that archaeology engages with non-academic stakeholders, including northern indigenous peoples, northern communities, interest groups and the public.
Issues will be explored through detailed case studies of collaborative projects.
Topics will include indigenous archaeologies, community-based archaeology, public archaeology and interpretation of archaeological data to the public in the media and in museum contexts. The important relationship between indigenous groups and museums will also be examined, focussing on repatriation claims for cultural property stored in collections and also new initiatives to use museums as a means of empowering the indigenous voice.

2 one-hour lectures/seminars per week, excluding reading weeks (16 hours total), and 4 two-hour tutorials which will be held every three weeks (8 hours total).

1st Attempts: 1 two-hour written examination (50%); continuous assessment (50%).

Resit: Marks for continuous assessment carried forward (50%); 1 two-hour written examination (50%).