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AY 3507

Course Co-ordinator: Professor K Dobney

Pre-requisite(s): AY 3003 Archaeological Science is recommended for students in MA Archaeology single or joint honours programmes and is compulsory for students in BSc Archaeology programmes.

Note(s): This course is appropriate for Geography, Geology, and Biology students, as well as more humanities-based students taking the single or joint honours Archaeology programmes. It is a compulsory component of the BSc in Archaeology, the BSc in Archaeology with Chemistry and the BSc in Archaeology-Geography. This course may NOT be included in a graduating curriculum with AY4507.

The course will provide students with a multi-trajectory pathway for studying and understanding a range of important issues associated with the complex intersections of human culture, behaviour and ecology. Through lectures, practicals and seminar sessions students will gain a detailed understanding of key research themes in palaeoecology, including: