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AY 3502

Course Co-ordinator: Dr S Foster

Pre-requisite(s): Available only to students in Archaeology Programme Year 3 (single or joint honours) who have passed AY 3007 Advanced Archaeological Practice.

Note(s): Junior honours students must pass this course to proceed to senior honours.

This course is a pre-requisite for Archaeological Research Project Part 2. For flexible/distance learning students, KL 3553 (Archaeology Dissertation: Introduction) is taken as a substitute for this course and AY 3503 (5 credits; The Archaeological Workplace). Therefore, this course may NOT be included in a graduating curriculum with KL 3553.

This course reviews the range of archaeological study methods and introduces students to the process of archaeological research design. The course covers techniques for advanced library research, writing and editing longer pieces of work, preparing abstracts and bibliographies, and assessing the ethical issues involved in original research. Students will receive supervision in the development of an original archaeological research project, and will prepare a project outline, an annotated bibliography, and a literature review that places the proposed research in its archaeological, methodological and theoretical context.

6 two-hour seminars/workshops during the first half of the term and c. 4 hours of personal supervision.

1st Attempt: Continuous assessment (100%) consisting of a research project outline, a literature review, and an annotated bibliography.