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AY 3007

Course Co-ordinator: Dr R Knecht

Pre-requisite(s): Available only to students in programme level 3 or above or by permission of Head of School.

Note(s): Flexible or distance learning archaeology students take CLL courses KL 305B or KL 355B (Scottish Archaeology: Designing and Managing; 15 credits) AND KL 305C or KL 355C (Scottish Archaeology: Archaeological Resource Management; 15 credits) as a substitute for this core course; this course may therefore not be part of a graduating curriculum with KL 305B/KL 355B or KL 305C/KL 355C.

This course will explore the diversity of practices that characterise archaeology as a discipline. Through a combination of lectures, tutorials, practical workshops and field trips, students will gain an awareness of the wide range of techniques that may be used to recover and analyse archaeological data, including excavation, survey and sampling methods, ethnoarchaeological and experimental methods, and the use of databases and statistics. The course also surveys the range of methods used to present archaeological information to different audiences, and explores the ways that archaeological theory can be incorporated into archaeological practice.

1 one hour lecture per week, 5 two hour practicals every other week with two reading weeks (20 hours in total) and two day-long field practicals (c. 8-10 hours each).

1st Attempt: Continuous assessment (100%), consisting of short practical exercises/reports and a practical project.

Resit: No resit is possible.